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Adult Indoor Competitive League

Our adult indoor league runs on Sundays between 5:00 -10:00PM.  The team fee per session is $600 but if your team commits to all three sessions the fee is $1,600 total!  We do roster checks.  You must be on a team’s roster in order to participate.  This includes even sitting on the team bench.  If your team is going to be short on numbers for any game, you must notify Brian O’Malley at and receive permission for a sub prior to the game.

Commit to all three sessions and pay less!

$600 per session or $1,600 for three

Questions? Please contact or

2016-17: Session 3

Attention: Session #3 is now full

3rd Session Schedule

Session 3: 6 weeks

Team Fee: $600

Sundays 5:00-10:00PM

February 19th - March 26th

7 vs. 7

Max Roster: 12

At least 2 females on the field at all times. 

Registration Information

Session 3:
Registration for Adult Coed League opens
Registration for Adult Coed League closes (please note that all paperwork & payment is due by this date)
2/19/2017:  Adult Coed League Begins

TEAM Registration:
We do not have individual sign-ups for the Adult Coed League.
1 team representative will turn in fees for the entire team along with the Registration Form and Team Roster & Waiver (see Important Documents).  

Registration Options:
Print documents, fill them out completely, scan & email them to Brian O'Malley in order to reserve your spot; pay by 2/12.
2. Print documents, fill them out completely, and mail them (along with payment) to: 
FC Peoria
P.O. Box 294
Mossville, IL 61552

Email Brian O'Malley with team name & age group in order to reserve your spot. Print documents, fill them out completely & submit them and your payment by .

Questions? Please email Brian O'Malley at  

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