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Location: FC Peoria 12026 N Old Galena Rd Chillicothe, IL 61552 - Postal Address: FC Peoria, PO Box 294, Mossville, IL 61552

Regular Volunteer Hours

  Each family is required to volunteer throughout the year to help maintain the fields and buildings.  FC Peoria has an outstanding indoor facility but it requires the help of our volunteers to keep it at its best.

Volunteer hours are scheduled and tracked using SignUp Genius - it is important that all hours are logged this way in order for you to be credited for the work that you carry out.
If you wish to carry out your duty outside of 
office/desk hours - please check with the office first.


Fall Season (Aug - Dec) - 2 hours
Spring Season (Jan - June) - 2 hours

FC Peoria Volunteer Policy

Email: Director of Volunteers
Email: FC Peoria Office

You can opt-out of volunteer duties for $100 per season. Contact the FC Peoria office for further information.


Volunteer Areas


Task Lists


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 Indoor Facilities


Outdoor Crew

Winter Concessions

Tryouts Registrations (Jun)

Family Fun Day (TBD)
 Indoor Facilities Tasks
Indoor Map

Bathrooms Tasks

Outdoor Crew Tasks

Popcorn Instructions
Indoor Concessions Instructions

 2017-18 Spring Indoor Facilities 
(1 hour)

2017-18 Spring Bathrooms
(1 hour)

2017-18 Spring Outdoor Crew
(2 hours)

2017-18 Indoor Concessions
(1.5 hours)

... available late Spring 2018

... TBD


Tournament Volunteer Hours

(maximum 2 children/4 hours)
 Note there is no opt-out for Tournament Duties.


Volunteer Areas


Task Lists


Signup Genius Link

 Parking Duties

Concessions & Indoor Bathrooms

Awards Administration

Porta-potty Restocking

Field Marshall

Beer Tent

 Parking Duties

Concessions Duties
Pepsi Truck Duties
Bathroom Restocking

Awards Administration

Porta-potty Restocking & Garbage

Field Marshal Duties

Beer Tent Duties


Concessions & Bathrooms
Pepsi Truck


Portapotties & Garbage

Field Marshals

Beer Tent

Contact Us

FC Peoria

PO Box 294 
Mossville, Illinois 61552

Email Us: [email protected]
Phone : 309-579-3535
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